Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Great Gift for a Man

A big "merci" to Mrs. H. for the wonderful Christmas gift of an Anson Belt & Buckle gift set (two belts and three buckles).

They are outstanding!

This is a great gift idea, as every man wears belts. I'm pretty rough on belts, and they don't generally last too long for me. Also, I like being able to have black or brown with either a silver or gold buckle. Generally, I'm stuck with the black-silver or brown-gold combination. But not any more! The Anson belt is a technological innovation that works like the plastic zip-ties (cable ties). Thus, the leather (and they are nice leather) straps have no holes in them. The buckles are like high-tech works of art. The system allows for any belt to be worn with any buckle. Everything snaps on and off in seconds. The belts fit like a glove, and they look magnificent. You can wear these belts with a suit or with a pair of jeans - and they look just as great.

The above video - actually a review of the product - is right on the money. And speaking of money, the price is very reasonable - especially for something of this quality! The packaging is very classy - so this is an ideal gift. I look forward to hearing more great things from this father-son American company!

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