Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The 2020 Election and a Dose of Reality

Hopefully, conservative people have learned something today. Violence is useless. The GOP is useless. Third parties are useless. Elections are useless. 

The Deep State is everywhere, and will not relinquish power. We do not live in a republic. We are ruled by technocrats and oligarchs. 

We are entering a period of one-party socialist globalist government. We have already been in cultural decline for quite some time. The Trump presidency was a speed bump on the way to the Great Reset. But it has been overcome. It took a bioweapon and election fraud, and it was achieved at a great price - but they pulled it off. 

We are looking at a radicalized Democratic Party controlling both houses and the presidency. They have the votes to pack the Supreme Court and take the judicial branch very quickly as well. Nothing can stop this. They have the votes to admit new states, open the borders, and consolidate their power for years to come. Again, nothing can stop them. We need to come to grips with this reality. 

There is nothing that any opposition can do. They have a radical and ambitious agenda that is economically and culturally Marxist. They control the schools, the popular culture, Hollywood, Wall Street, sports, entertainment, the mainstream media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the Academy. 

So we are going to have to look for solutions outside of the federal government and outside of their social and political control. There may be some respite at the state and local level - depending on where you live. But real resistance will take place in private communities. We must culturally secede. 

If you have money, figure out how to invest it or save it in ways that it can’t be tracked or seized. It may be crypto or gold or stuffing bills in a safe. It may be buying life insurance or land. No matter what your financial situation is, plan on frugality and thrift.  The state will try to get its fangs into you. 

Engage in offline economic activity: cash transactions, barter, etc. Disengage from government as much as possible. Pull out of public schools. Stay off of the government radar. Expect high taxes and inflation - and plan accordingly. 

Also expect a crackdown on the first and second amendments - and find ways to continue to exercise your God-given rights without any unnecessary contact with government. Be innocent as doves and wise as serpents. 

Understand that this could be a very long captivity. Babylon and the USSR were both 70 years. Read and collect subversive literature. Teach your children banned history, literature, and market economics. Associate with others who share your views, and get educated together. Remember, this is a long-term rebuilding project. We are planting seeds of trees that we will probably not see bear fruit in our lifetimes.

Be guarded in your speech and be selective about whom you trust.  You will need to think long and hard about lines that you will or will not cross. 

Encourage your children to get into the trades. We will always need plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, IT, etc. Be wary of mainstream universities. They not only generate debt and prepare students for careers that don’t exist, they also pervert the minds of young people. 

The most radical things that young people can do is not to start a podcast or run for Congress - but rather get married, have children, stay married, faithfully attend church, and form local communities. Stop watching TV and movies. Secede from poisonous pop culture.

Take care of your mental and physical health apart from the healthcare system where possible. Use preventive measures to stay healthy, and use natural medicine wherever you can. Expect a much more expensive and shoddy healthcare system - one that will be laden with waiting lists and bureaucracy, that will embrace euthanasia for the elderly. Expect a mental health system that will target the politically undesirable - and try to stay off of their radar screen. 

If ordinary people begin to see the folly of what the Democrats have in store, and begin to wake up, outstanding. But don’t expect to see anything of the sort for decades. People love the promise of ‘free stuff.’  They will have to learn for themselves how costly ‘free stuff’ actually is. We will need to hit Venezuela-style rock bottom before there can be a change in direction. Sadly, people need to lose their liberty before they treasure it and start to demand it again - and this is a generational thing. We didn’t get here overnight.

This is going to be quite a ride. It will be ugly. Business as usual is over. Don’t underestimate their malice and potential for inhumane and demonic behavior. Think before you act, and strategize like a chess player. 

And remember, God is still in charge. He allows His people to suffer, both as chastisement, as well as to accomplish His inscrutable will.  Be fervent in prayer and seek His will - knowing that Christ will come again. We ultimately know how it all ends!

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