Friday, April 14, 2006

Pope Takes Aim at our Satanic Society

The following article reminds me of an anecdote during the War Between the States. As the Confederate Army marched through Maryland, a couple Yankee ladies were watching the gray column marching through, led by the gallant General Lee on horseback. One woman said to the other: "Oh how I wish he were one of ours!"

Christians around the world should pray for Pope Benedict to have a long, long life, and that our presidents and bishops speak with such clarity and conviction.

The Church must be in the forefront of ethical dialogue in matters of life and morals, just as she was in the early days of the Roman Empire. As technology becomes more and more of a Frankenstein Monster, Christendom must stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. The Church must also condemn the slide of our popular culture into evil, amorality, focus on the self, lovelessness, and death.

Pope Benedict is doing just that. He's going to make a lot of enemies - as paradoxically, all faithful Christians will.

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