Friday, May 19, 2006

Hooray for Feminism!

The payoff is finally arriving. Yes, I realize we have come a long way, and there is so much more to be done, but let's celebrate this latest milestone of the feminist movement.

No longer is drinkning, smoking, violence, boorish behavior, aggression, and crime only for boys. No indeed! Equality has come into full fruition, and girls have been liberated! Hooray!

These are the fruits of egalitarianism, and a rejection of the order of creation. This is the logical consequence of women working outside the home, women dressing like men, women refusing to submit to the headship of their husbands, women (and their husbands) putting finances ahead of family, etc. These are also the fruits of the "Age of Aquarius," the rejection of Christian morality, the sexual revolution, the refusal to condemn sexual deviance, legalized abortion, and no-fault divorce.

This is also the inevitable result of pushing girls into sports, as well as the feminization of the military. Title IX deserves some credit for the great change in the concept of femininity.

You've come a long way, baby! Can't wait to see what "great thing" happens next!


cheryl said...

I'll add one more. I am convinced that the modern feminist movement is partly related to the societal acceptance of homosexual behavior.

When the distinction between male and female and their corresponding roles, became obscured and deemed unnecessary, it was only one small step to then affirming, that the female as wife and mother is not necessary or that the male, as husband and father is not necessary, and that any manner of combinations will work. Two men can raise a child as well as a man and women, and visa versa for example.

I may sound like I've lost my marbles when I say this, but I pretty much blame modern feminism for every major negative shift our society has taken in the last sixty years or so. From sexual diviance as you mentioned to the denigration and violence of our youth. Society cannot stand while the family is falling apart.

Those women who have fallen prey to the feminist agenda that there is something better out there for them than motherhood, being a wife, daughter ect. (or that it's simply not enough) never really got the axiom, "the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world". Now we're having to learn the hard way how true that really is, and how so very vital, and even honorable, their call to home really is.

I feel deeply sorry for these women.

Father Hollywood said...


Well said, I could not agree more. When various Protestant churches began "ordaining" women, they set the precedent for the current row over "ordaining" homosexuals. It is the same issue warmed over.

St. Paul says as much in Romans 1 - that homosexuality is a rejection of the order of creation, of the divinely-mandated gender roles. Feminism is pushing exactly the same thing - and the overlap between feminism and the homosexual agenda is hardly "in the closet" (sorry!).

The latest battles over homosexuals adopting children is yet one more Satanic attack on the family. Children in such "families" are willfull denied a mother or a father. God created us in need of both role models. Of course, hardships of various kinds may make that impossible - but allowing homosexual couples to adopt children is a willful denial of a child of a parent of one sex or the other. It puts the "parents" and their "rights" above the children nd their well-being. It is diabolical.

I agree with you that pretty much all the evil over the last few decades has feminism as an ally, if not as instigator.

Fortunately, some women are waking up from the delusion that has been forcefed to them. Are you familiar with ?

Thanks for writing, and blessings to you!

LarryWD said...

Good post and comments, I've wondered in the past, with the state of things in the LCMS and our position on women's suffrage and pretty much acting like men and women are interchangeable, except for the position of pastor, if we've left pastors as the only distinct males. We (at least not any I know) don't teach that men and women are different and that men are to protect and provide for their family, and that women are to be wives and mothers. The scriptures, catechism, and confessions still say as much, but many times those parts are glossed over or explained away. And I get the impression that I might be accused of being legalistic, pietistic, or Reformed for bringing it up.
What do you say?

Father Hollywood said...


I agree with you 100%. We've consistently compromised with the culture. We keep changing the boundaries. Today, women can vote, serve as elders and congregational presidents, and serve communion. The line is continually being blurred, bit by bit, with every generation.

And God forbid that any of us argue that the order of creation applies to the secular world as well as to the church!

If we want to glimpse into our own future, all we need to do is look to Scandinavia. That will be the LCMS in 30 years.

It truly is a slippery slope.

Miss Grace said...

It seems to me from looking around at the culture that this is a natural outgrowth of womanliness and femininity being completely devalued. Little girls are encouraged from early age to behave like boys (competitive sports, agressive behavior, dressed like boys), because heaven forbid should they naturally gravitate toward girly things like dolls ("pre-motherhood"), or frilly dresses and homemaking. Girls learn the lesson well and realize that to be societally valued they have to be as much like men as possible. I don't believe that women naturally gravitate toward this kind of degrading behavior. If they did why is this the first generation in history to see women behaving this way? The culture hates everything about true womanhood, so women strive to be men. "You've come a long way, baby!"

Father Hollywood said...

Miss Grace:

And isn't it ironic (with all apologies due to Alanis Morisette) that *we* are the ones who are considered by many of the loudest voices in our culture to be against women?

The secular culture has done everything possible to make women look, act, speak, and carry themselves as masculinely as possible - but somehow *we* are the ones who do not value womanhood.

I agree that this is nothing less than brainwashing, and it begins with very young children.

Nothing confounds and angers the feminists more than when a toddler girl picks up a Tonka dump truck and cuddles it like a baby doll, or when a toddler boy picks up a baby doll and uses it like a hammer to pound the ground with. They aren't following their scripts - and there's nothing more outragious in the minds of the feminists than people being allowed to act as they wish (as they are naturally wired) instead of acting as compelled by the Femigencia.

That's why these people love domination and control. Without societal bullying, boys will protect girls, and girls will gravitate to nurturing roles. Then the whole feminist house of cards comes down.

Miss Grace said...

Exactly. Which is why the Church needs to stand firm against the culture. Christianity has always been "counter-cultural." This is why I get so incensed that the LC-MS has caved to the feminist agenda. Instead of staying biblically sound (I thought we believed in the inerrancy of Scripture!), the church promotes careerism for women by encouraging them to become synodical teachers and deaconesses. I simply do not understand why Lutheran women are encouraged to get a job teaching other people's children while their own are cared for by someone else. No one dares say that for a woman to desire to abandon her own children during the day so that she can do "service" for the church is absolutely wrong. So much for the much vaunted doctrine of "vocation." Give me a break!

cheryl said...


I am familiar with LAF, it's a wonderful, comprehensive website, with very informative articles. There is an entire "movement" of women out there working to combat these issues, that unfortunately many are not aware of, so I encourage everyone reading this thread to check them out.

Miss Grace,

You are correct, in my experience women do not gravitate toward this sort of thing naturally. To demonstrate this point, I personally have been privy to debates between mothers and daughters (usually young) where the latter was insisting on wearing a dress, and the former had wanted her to put on a pair of jeans or something. Some of it is ignorance (we somehow got it into our heads, that dresses were just for special occassions). I think all girls who heed the call to womanhood, have gone through similiar experiences. I know I have. Some of them can tell some stories. It's not easy, and you have to be determined that this is what you want to do and how you want to live. It's an uphill battle.

As for mothers...I was about eight or so, I remember the first time my aunt had dropped off my cousin at my grandmother's house, for her to watch, while my aunt went to work. The impression that made on my mind was horrendous. The baby was crying hysterically, the mother lived with constant regret, continually I would hear both from her and my own mother, "I wish I could stay home with my kids".

It was episodes like this which formed my opinions regarding feminism. They want to say we're liberated. Liberated from what exactly....I don't know...children, home, our own sense of feminity?

Twice Burned said...

Excellent post and comments. My oldest daughter desires a "career" of being a wife and mother. While she waits for this opportunity, she works, but not in the context of "having a career." She has met so many women who have degrees they earned toward "careers," but are working retail because of dissatisfaction with their chosen field. I wonder how many of them have the same desire as my daughter, but can't put their finger on it because of the brainwashing of modern and post-modern society.

My middle daughter considered becoming a deaconess because of her love of theology, but saw how easily this is viewed by many, both inside and outside the LCMS, as equivalent of being (or wanting to be) a pastor. The idea of her education and title giving this false impression, or worse, being placed in a call where acting the part might be expected of her, was enough to change her mind.