Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Lord's Prayer, Ablaze!(tm)

There is a new translation of the Bible out there called The Message//Remix: The Bible in Contemporary Language.

Oh boy.

Anyway, the leadership of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod will be happy to learn that in this translation, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself uses the word "ablaze" in the Oratio Dominica, (albeit without italics, exclamation point, and the little letters "tm" to indicate that this is a registered trademark of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, and all unauthoritzed reproduction and use of the Ablaze!(tm) logo without the express written consent of the LCMS, the NFL, and this station are...

(let's all say it together...)

"strictly prohibited." Ay-man!

Anyway, at the risk of breaking some copyright laws (and at the bigger risk of taking part in a degradation of the Lord's Prayer), here it is, for your perusal, from page 1775 of the 2003 edition


Our Father in Heaven,
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right;
Do what's best -
as above, so below.
Keep us alive with three square meals.
Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.
You're in charge!
You can do anything you want!
You're ablaze in beauty!
Yes. Yes. Yes.
(The Message)

I put "The Message" at the end, because at the beginning of the book, the following disclaimer appears:

"When quotations from THE MESSAGE text are used in nonsaleable media, such as church bulletins, orders of service [no, I'm not kidding, it says: "order of service"], posters, transparencies, or similar media, a complete copyright notice is not required, but "The Message" must appear at the end of each quotation."

Lex semper accusat, n'est-ce pas?

Is it any wonder that along with the Pharisees and Scribes, the other group that gave Jesus the most grief were the lawyers? But at least when he used the word "ablaze" in the Sermon on the Mount it was not yet property of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

"Thanks be to God."

Oops, I think that's in the LCMS's hymnals. Let me rephrase that in a way that (I think) I will be immune to charges of copyright violation: "Deo gratias." That's the secret. Almost everything in Latin is not protected by copyright.

So, what is the best way to say "Ablaze!(tm)" in Latin, anyway?


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Chris said...

There is no Latin for ablaze(tm)! The closest I think you can use is "be on fire" which while not liberalified is ardeo, or "on fire" which I think is in incendium....it's been a little while since I took Latin, and I don't really know how to transfer the (tm)! to Latin....or maybe you could trademark its Latin translation! Besides, why use Latin anyway, you should concentrate on reaching the masses by translating ablaze(tm)! to politically correct language, ebonics, or l33t speak! :-)

Pax Christi