Monday, November 13, 2006

Business Cards

I'm pretty skeptical about businesses, but I took a chance on one called Vista Print.

They make nice business cards really cheap. You can actually get cards for free - the catch is that the back of the card advertises Vista Print (very small, one line). If you want a more customized design (one that doesn't have the ad on the back), you can order the premium cards (like the ones I ordered, see above). They're running a special now (you have to click on "radio offers" on their website) to get 250 for free, or 500 for $10 (plus $7 shipping). They have some nice designs (like the icon I used), and you can also upload your own picture and use that. They have a lot of options for customizing the cards as well.

They sell other custom items, like note pads and ink stamps.

The whole process is automated and done online with software (which explains the low prices). I'm impressed with their website and the way their business works - they take full advantage of technology. They are able to do business all over the world.

Anyway, my cards arrived today, and they are really nice! I spent $17 including shipping and got 500 of them. I'm so used to shoddy service that when I get excellent quality goods and services, I want everyone to know about it.

I don't impress easily, but Vista Print has made a believer out of me!


Chris Jones said...

Fr Beane,

I'm a software engineer, and back in the late '90s we used to get calls from recruiters every day looking for engineers to work at one or the other of the gazillion dot-com startups. Vista Print was one such startup, and their offices were about half a block from where I was then working. One day I strolled down the street and interviewed with them for an engineering position.

The interview went well and they made me a job offer on the spot, for a ton of money and stock options. But I thought, What a stupid business model these folks have! They'll be no more than a flash in the pan.

Of all the companies I interviewed with in those heady days (including one that I actually went to work for), Vista Print is the only one left standing. So much for my ability to spot a winner.

This explains why I am not wealthy.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Chris:

Well, perhaps the Lord is protecting you from the temptations of wealth - in the same way that He permitted me to win the powerball drawing a couple weeks ago. I actually got the powerball digit spot on. The bad news: my winnings only amounted to four bucks.

The divine sense of humor, once again. I don't think I'm destined for Easy Street any time soon either.

But it is a real blessing to work for people who have their heads screwed on straight.

After I was fired from my first call, I went to work as a software consultant for a truly great man (and I don't say that too often) named Ramsey Skipper. He's the owner of Go-Graphics, an outdoor advertising company here in Nawlins. He also owns a construction firm that has been busy since Katrina. I was amazed every hour of the day I worked with him, his brain constantly whirring away, organizing men and resources, and keeping the customer happy.

Ramsey also took charge after Katrina and organized an improptu rescue crew - even knowing that his home was utterly destroyed. Ramsey is a true hero, and I'm honored to have called him my boss as well as my friend.

A truly honest and smart businessman is a real hero in our society - providing jobs, innovation, and infrastructure. Guys like Ramsey will rebuild New Orleans - regardless of which government hack or corrupt party wins elections.

Every interaction I had with Vista suggests whoever runs that company is like my pal Ramsey - at least in business savvy and ability to take a great product to market. Hopefully, they will keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think vista print is definitely one of the technologically advanced companies on the web. Howerver, I have two problems with the their system.

1)Their templates are not very unique or professional. I suppose not everyone that wants a business card is looking for something that stands out, rather just a tool to pass their contact information. In this case is a good idea.
2)The text placement is pre-determined and you don't have full control of where it goes. Let's say you want a line of text to be rotated 45 degrees on the top right corner. You can't do that.

There are other websites out there that allow you to do this and anything else your heart desires. You can go to a site like where you can create eveyrything yourself. Or, you can go to where you fill out your information and a professional will send you a design.

All three websites,, and are greats way of getting your business cards. Depending on how you like to do business you should be happy with one of these.

Whey Lay said...

I like the card, If a pastors gotta have one, at least it shows your true "business", Christ crucified for sinners.

Peter said...

Given your general disdain for the corporate world, I'd like to commend you on this manly step forward in having a "business card." (I thought you might think it yet another sign of the apocalypse, in which the church is apeing, yet again, the secular world. And, weren't such cards invented by the godless Northerners?) Anyway, you are in good company. Your card is identical (well, the names have changed) to that presented to me by the Rev. John Dreyer.

Perhaps, we could exchange cards, and, one day soon, do lunch.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

You're right that I've adopted a lot of nasty habits from my soujourn up nawth, like sugar in
the cornbread (from which I have repented and been absolved), spelling "colour" without the "u", and celebrating Memorial Day in May.

Of course, Louisiana is different than the rest of Dixie: red beans and rice on Monday, having gumbo when it's cold (like when the temperature dips into the 60s), and dancing around the streets with an umbrella (you do that in Georgia and I think they lock you up...). Also, we "pass" a good time, and "make" groceries, we consider a tin board with ridges to be a musical instrument, and eat a lot of things for which the rest of the country would call an exterminator.

"Business cards" most assuredly came from Boston (along with most, if not all, other evils of the world - such as sweet cornbread). We Southrons have always preferred the more genteel "callin' cahd." We don't like to "do business," but would rather "sit and visit." Of course, that explains why we don't get much done.

So, I have the same card as Reverend Herr Dreyer. I guess that's okay - but he can keep the Windiana address. John had to settle for an icon of the crucifixion - I guess Vista Print didn't have any graphics that had to do with Immaculate Conception or the Assumption that he could have used instead.

Yes, indeed, let's dejeune together and pass les bons temps bientot. Y'all are always bienvenue.

Peter said...

Red Beans and Rice on Mondays! What an inspired way of life. It would change the whole way I think about the week.