Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pardon Needed for Border Agents

The following article details a miscarriage of justice in which an illegal alien smuggling drugs into the United States was allowed to walk scot-free in exchange for his testimony against the two agents of the Border Patrol who sought to arrest him. These two agents, Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos (shown left with his wife), have just been given long jail terms (12 aqnd 11 years respectively) for shooting and wounding the drug smuggler who tried to flee.

There is an online petition to President Bush to pardon these officers as a Christmas present to them and to their families. More than fifty congressmen are themselves signatories.

The presidential privilege of pardon is custom-made for cases like this. It is a constitutional fail-safe measure to ensure that innocent people are not sent to prison when the rest of the system fails. I hope the president has the guts to do the right thing, even at the political risk of angering Mexico and her lobbyists, as well as the social, economic, and political forces on the Right who benefit by having illegal immigrants in the country to hire at near-slave wages, as well as the political forces on the Left who see large numbers of poverty-stricken illegals as potential Democrat voters and cogs in the Welfare State machinery. The American economy, way of life, and culture are being crushed between the hypocritical pincers of the Left and the Right.

In cases like this, the old adage "follow the money trail" applies. How horrific that two honorable law enforcement officers (both with exemplary records of service)who risk their lives to defend our borders have been made political pawns. We need to get these guys out of prison and restore their reputations.

Come on, Mr. President, this one is a no-brainer! If you can pardon the White House Thanksgiving turkey, how about granting one to these two defenders of our country whose lives are being ruined for simply doing their duty?

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Whey Lay said...

11 and 12 years is a little stiff for first time Ag Assault, but it is still criminal to shoot an unarmed man, even if you are wearing a badge. All law enforcement today knows that a running suspect is a definate "no shoot" unless you have personal knowledge of them commiting a forcable felony.
It's more of an unfortunate application of justice than a terrible injustice, especially when so many others are deserving.
I agree though that this is certainly a good place for a pardon and likewise left my name at in support of the pardon.
Your right about the economic influences that are driving the immigration problem. At a church / dayschool function last summer I was asked about my opinion of the illegal immigration problem. My response went something like "Start treating companies and individuals who take advantage of illegal aliens like the tax cheats and outlaws they are." I could have frosted a beer mug on the stares I got....I guess it looks different if you actually get to be someone making money at it.
Thanks for a great regular read.
A Blessed and Holy Christ's Mass to you and your family.