Friday, September 21, 2007

God Smiles on Mr. Al

Look at how the Lord takes care of His sheep.

My parishioner, "Mr. Al" (I won't use his last name for the sake of privacy), who is himself a Father Hollywood reader [I know you're reading, Al. Congrats, you have now become an Internet Object Lesson +HW], headed out of town. He recently had heart surgery to replace some worn-out stints - surgery that was not very successful.

Anyway, Mr. Al found himself in pain this morning while visiting his daughter and son-in-law (the latter of whom is a medical doctor). Since they live only minutes from the hospital, they were able to get Al to the ER right away - where, it seems, he had a heart attack.

Now, here is a lesson worth taking away from this blog: if anyone is planning to have a cardiac arrest, doing so in the ER is some pretty nifty planning. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest...

Anyway, Al's doctor was able to successfully replace the stints. It looks like his heart suffered no damage - thanks to being treated so quickly. Had they not chosen Plan B for their vacation plans, Al and Judy might have been a long, long way from the hospital. God obviously has more to do with Mr. Al.

Al will be released from the hospital Sunday. He will go home in better shape than he left - after having a heart attack! From this we may conclude that God works in mysterious ways, and that Mr. Al is one tough dude (by the grace of God, of course).

Dear Father Hollywood readers, please keep Mr. Al in your prayers!

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