Monday, September 15, 2008

Congress to Direct Fed to Print Mo' Money!

Problem: Debt, overly loose credit, too much spending. Solution: Spend more. Implementation: Get the Fed to loan more money into existence, to further extend credit to keep spending levels up (economic stimulus). Side benefits: Inflation.

Rinse. Repeat.

Thanks federal government! Read more here.

PS: Oh, goodness. The media talking heads are saying that we're not spending enough money! Check it out.


Jeremy Clifton said...

I'm going to drop out of lurker-land for long enough to say that I'm glad to know that there's *somebody* out there on the same page as me theologically, economically, and politically ...

Where can I pick up one of these for my daughter for Christmas?

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jeremy:

Please "drop out" and comment more often! BTW, your pictures are simply stunning. Outstanding work!

You're on your own for the Federal Reserve Action Figures (I'm holding out for the Alan Greenspan with the Kung Fu Grip(tm) myself...).