Friday, June 26, 2009

Bible Quiz

The following amusing take on womanhood comes from a biblical account of an oratory contest. Whoever can give the book and chapter first will get an internet award. I don't have the award yet, but I guarantee it will be worth every penny paid for it.

Anyway, here is the text according to the English Standard Version (ESV):
"Gentlemen, is not the king great, and are not men many, and is not wine strong? Who then is their master, or who is their lord? Is it not women? Women gave birth to the king and to every people that rules over sea and land. From women they came; and women brought up the very men who plant the vineyards from which comes wine. Women make men's clothes; they bring men glory; men cannot exist without women. If men gather gold and silver or any other beautiful thing and then see a woman lovely in appearance and beauty, they let all those things go and gape at her and with open mouths stare at her, and all prefer her to gold or silver or any other beautiful thing. A man leaves his own father, who brought him up, and his own country and holds fast to his wife. With his wife he ends his days, with no thought of his father or his mother or his country. Hence you must realize that women rule over you!

"Do you not labor and toil and bring everything and give it to women? A man takes his sword and goes out to travel and rob and steal and to sail the sea and rivers; he faces lions, and he walks in darkness, and when he steals and robs and plunders, he brings it back to the woman he loves. A man loves his wife more than his father or his mother. Many men have lost their minds because of women and have become slaves because of them. Many have perished or stumbled or sinned, because of women. And now do you not believe me?

"Is not the king great in his power? Do not all lands fear to touch him? Yet I have seen him with Apame, the king's concubine, the daughter of the illustrious Bartacus; she would sit at the king's right hand and take the crown from the king's head and put it on her own and slap the king with her left hand. At this the king would gaze at her with mouth agape. If she smiles at him, he laughs; if she loses her temper with him, he flatters her, that she may be reconciled to him. Gentlemen, why are not women strong, since they do such things?"


Bethany said...

1 Esdras 4 of course. Does the lady get the prize? :)

William Gleason said...

I Esdras 4:12-32

But I concede to Bethany.

Dixie said...

Must be where the Greek's get that saying...the man is the head but the woman is the neck that turns the head! :)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Bethany and William:

Y'all are good! I will be posting your coveted award shortly...