Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well, thank God this is not an LCMS Ablaze!(tm) project...

Y'all, the Halloween Book Burning is still on!

The happy conflagration will include setting ablaze "Satan's music" (like heavy metal, rap, country, and "soft and easy" - wait, what?). They will be torching "Satan's Bibles" (meaning all non-KJV English versions, keep your ESV indoors on Halloween!), and also "Satan's books" written by "heretics" (like Billy Graham and Charles Swindoll) will all be burned by Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina. Maybe they should call it Ablazing Grace, but it looks like the Lutherans beat them to it. Sigh.

But don't show up without an invite! The Burnin' is "by invitation only." There is no talk of crosses being lit, but rest assured, there will be "great preaching and singing" (I can just imagine...) and they "will be serving fried chicken, and all the sides." Really? "All" the sides? What a blowout! Come for the bonfire, stay for the chicken. My invite must still be on the way. I'll just keep checking the mail.

I don't know about you, but whatever web design manual that was used by their webmaster to put their site together really needs to be burned. In fact, my eyes are burning. There's more red on that page than on the faculty of Berkeley.

And even though we Lutherans have been known to do a little book burnin' ourselves, I cannot help but sing "thousand thousand thanks are due" that this is not an LCMS church activity or a district Ablaze!(tm) publicity stunt.

Deo gratias, y'all!


Anonymous said...

I fully agree that the manual should be tossed into the flames, perhaps even first! I found myself constant highlighting the text just to make it readable. That red on blue combination is downright murder on the eyes.

Kaleb said...

A fundie preacher is genuflecting? And the way it's framed, it looks like he's genuflecting to his KJV.... o.O

In all fairness, he probably didn't think through that. Fundies just don't operate in that mindset.

Rev. Paul Beisel said...

Wow! Makes the "Hallelujah Night" that is held every year in Warsaw seem tame. Seriously, there are folks in Warsaw who try to dissuade people from trick-or-treating by inviting them to "Hallelujah Night." Gads!