Friday, August 06, 2010

The Miraculous Lutheran Seminary in Siberia

Thanks to the Rev. Rob Wurst, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Cedar, Michigan for posting this remarkable short film. Pr. Wurst also works with the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS).

The survival of Lutheran Christianity in Russia is itself miraculous in light of seventy years of Communist aggression. After the fall of the Soviet Union, churches begin to rise, and pastors needed to be trained, educated, and most importantly, formed. There is no substitute for a seminary. Many of the first wave of pastors from the former Soviet Union were brought to our own Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And this close relationship between CTS and the emerging Siberian church led to the formation of Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk.

This is a truly inspiring miracle, and unlike what often passes these days as "mission work," this is a bona fide Christian missionary outreach that truly brings Christ to the people in the present (through Word and sacrament) and lays the groundwork for generations of Christians to come (through planting churches and training pastors). The zeal of our Siberian brethren and the hand of God in their care will inspire you.

Watch and be amazed!

You can also see other videos about our remarkable Siberian brothers and sisters here. And be sure to check out the redesigned SLMS website (which includes newsletters, links to videos, and links to the Siberian church and seminary. If you or your congregation are looking to promote real missionary work, this is a worthy cause. And all moneys collected (100%) by SLMS are wired directly to churches in Russia. No contributions pay for Mission Society salaries or overhead.

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Matthias Flacius said...

A very worthy cause! We have a group in my area that has supported our brothers and sisters in Siberia.

I've also met the bishop when he visited the USA and know some pastors who taught at their seminary in Sivberia.