Monday, October 04, 2010

The True Colors of Fascism

HT: Lew Rockwell

In case you were wondering about what such "movements" as 10:10 think about the value of human life and liberty, watch the above video.  Keep in mind, it is disturbing.  So disturbing that I would not suggest children watch it.

And when you've had enough of this godless fascism, a manifestation of what St. Augustine called "the lust for domination," you might want to consider Christianity and its corollary philosophy that human beings are made in God's image and are endowed by their Creator with freedom.

Sadly, not even our own governments understand the master-servant relationship. Fascism is alive and well. Is this how you want to live your life?

Had enough yet?


Mike Keith said...

Has no one read 1984?

Michael L. Anderson, M.D. said...

My guess is that they have, and are using it as a "how-to" textbook ...

Or, they're far too busy living 2010.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me more nightmares and yet another reason to build that bunker...

Aaron Brandt said...

That wasn't a parody? Wow. Seriously, that's some scary stuff.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Aaron:

I think this is a real attempt to be humorous by this 10:10 organization. They obviously can't compel people and blow them up - even if they wish they could.

But the state can. And that's where life imitates art.

There is also an underlying message of conformity. Get on board because everyone else is - whether the premise is true or false, whether you agree or disagree, none of that matters. "No pressure" - really means "peer pressure."

And the state has the power to enforce ideologies such as this. It has the means to confiscate and redistribute, to tax and destroy, to imprison and even to splatter the blood of nonconformists and make examples of those who disagree.

If the 20th century has taught us anything, it has confirmed George Washington's dictum: "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

Aaron Brandt said...


Good to see other people thought this was ridiculous.