Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Virginia's Black Confederates by Walter E. Williams

Here's a recent piece by Walter E. Williams on the War for Southern Independence and a recent controversy involving a politically incorrect textbook in Virginia.

I got to meet Dr. Williams about 15 years ago in Philadelphia.  I presented him with a certificate of appreciation from our local camp (chapter) of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He was honored to receive it, and I was more honored to present it.  He told me about his own Virginia grandmother who spoke highly of her own Confederate heritage.


Jeremy Clifton said...

My wife showed me Williams' piece a few days ago; it's a very good read.

The story of blacks who fought for the Confederacy is quite interesting. The first time I was exposed to the idea was when I lived near Asheville, NC and read a story about H. K. Edgerton, who is well-known locally for standing on street corners with a Confederate flag.


Perhaps one day (maybe even in our lifetimes) most folks will talk about The War for Southern Independence (rather than The Civil War) and will see it for the complex conflict that it was ... and not just "North Good, South Bad."

Rosko said...

A great read. Thank you for posting it, Father.