Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Busy Week at GO

I would like to encourage FH readers to check out Gottesdienst Online.

This is the online blog of the world's greatest print journal devoted to the liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Gottesdienst - now in its 20th year (the printed edition, that is - the blog is now in its fourth year).

Okay, as a matter of full disclosure, I'm one of the editors of GO and I am also one of the editors of the print journal (the sermons editor).  I'm honored to be able to place my scribblings alongside the likes of the editors, the Revs...

  • Burnell Eckardt, Ph.D.
  • John Berg
  • Peter Berg
  • Jason Braaten
  • Heath Curtis, M.A.
  • Karl Fabrizius, Ph.D.
  • David Petersen
  • Col. Jonathan Shaw, S.T.M.
  • Richard Stuckwisch, Ph.D.
Beginning this past Sunday (March 4) until now, we have seen the following articles posted at GO:

Playing the das-ist-Katholische card  (Jason Braaten)
A Letter from Rev. Gizynsky, a 2012 Sabre Nominee  (Burnell Eckardt)
Thoughts on Lent 3 and the Beelzebul Controversy  (Jason Braaten)
O contempora!  O mores!  (Heath Curtis)
Goldilocks, George Carlin, and the Middle of the Road  (yours truly)
Sermon Writer's Block  (David Petersen)
A Tyranny of Moderation  (David Petersen)
On Being Witting or Unwitting Ritualists  (Jason Braaten)
Chanting, Ceremonies, and Consciences  (Richard Stuckwisch)

There has been not only a flurry of posts, but also of thoughtful comments and lively discussion.  Really good stuff!

Gottesdienst also has a facebook page.

If you believe the worship life of the Church is important, if you believe the Bible is God's Word, if you confess the Book of Concord, if you believe in the means of grace, if you value the ancient liturgy of the Church, if you want to do your part in preserving and promoting the liturgy as we Lutherans have received it as western catholic Christians, if you value the Reformation for its focus on the Gospel and its fidelity to the catholic tradition, if you value Christocentric preaching and exegesis, if you like to learn the history and symbolism related to our rich liturgical tradition, if you would like to support your pastor in teaching the value of the liturgy, please consider subscribing to Gottesdienst.

Regular subscriptions are $15 per year, $25 for two years.  Students can subscribe for $12 per year, $20 for two years.  Better yet, get a very inexpensive bulk subscription and leave copies out for other members of your congregation!  10 copies are $45 per year, $80 for two years.  25 copies are $75 per year, $140 for two years.

You will find sermons, engaging editorials, regular columns related to the liturgy (both theological and practical), the state of our culture, issues facing the church as a whole and American Lutheranism more specifically, historical articles, thoughtful Christocentric reflections on Scripture, and even on occasion humor, poetry, and hymnody.  You will also find news and notices concerning our speaker's bureau, upcoming Gottesdienst conferences, books written and/or published by Gottesdienst editors, the annual Sabre of Boldness ceremony, and the handy annual liturgical calendar for the Sundays in the coming year.

At any rate, GO is completely free, and you are always welcome to drop by, follow our posts on facebook, or add us to your blog reader.

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