Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Father William Weedon at the International Center

In case you missed this interview over at Gottesdienst Online, this is an informal chat with the Rev. William Weedon who is the synod's new director of worship and International Center chaplain.

Pastor Weedon is my predecessor as the dean of the Society of Saint Polycarp.

I'm pleased and honored to have Father William entrusted with the worship life of our synod, as his own own words and deeds as a seasoned Lutheran parish pastor, evangelical preacher, theologian of the cross, and teacher of the good news of Jesus Christ, attest in no uncertain terms to his faithfulness to our confession "in doctrine and ceremonies."

There is much to be encouraged about as the leaders of our synod are steering us back in the direction of our evangelical catholic heritage and our bright future as bearers of the torch of the Gospel.  I look forward to Pastor Weedon's contribution to our Walk Together.

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