Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Our family's days as a uni-vehicular family (which has been the case since shortly after Hurricane Katrina) are now over!

I located a nice 2001 Honda Rebel (appropriately purchased from Mississippi) with low miles and in almost new condition for a nice price.  It is a small (and I mean small) motorcycle - 234 cc with the seat 26 inches off the ground.  It's quite a different ride than my old Honda 900 or my Suzuki 850 that I was riding 20 years ago.  But it gets about 70 miles per gallon in a two and a half gallon tank.

The bike runs very well, can get up over 70 mph - though that is about the extent of it.  This is fine for the commuting that I need to do.  We have a longer riding season in New Orleans than when I was riding in Ohio (having to wear a snow-suit part of the year).

No more daily one-person minivan commute - at least when the weather cooperates.

Every family should have a little Rebel.


mollo said...

Super congrats on your new toy. My hubby is addicted to riding too.

The Rev. BT Ball said...

I thought you were a Free Man. What is with that helmet? Well, I'm sure Mrs. Hollywood had to have a say in the terms of the purchase. Very nice. Have fun.