Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Can anyone explain this?

I had not seen this until a recent trip to Kansas.  This is on display at Christ Lutheran Church in Hutchinson.

Why are unborn eagles protected, but not unborn humans?  I realize that abortion is a touchy subject and a there are sharp disagreements about when life begins and at what point a person is a person.  But the protection of an unborn bird (written in the criminal code) over and against the unprotected status of an unborn human are completely incongruous for any civilized society.

Once again, can anyone make sense of this?

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Fallhiker said...

the US Criminal code which deals directly with Eagles is "16 USC § 668 - Bald and golden eagles" and was enacted on June 8th 1940. Upon looking back on society and what was legal and not legal at that time we must realize that abortion was not legal, and prior to that date hunters had the right to hunt various types of prey (the eagle being one such target) Since the eagle was a symbol of our nation many lawmakers felt it the hunting and taking of eagles should not be allowed (justifibly so, IMHO). Unfortunately with the occurance of Roe V. Wade Abortion no longer fits into the category of being illegal. Besides, abortion is the sacrement of the Liberal Left. Also, since liberals are anti-man and Animals are more important (many would say Chickens are more important than man, thus deserve protection). Until we stem the erosion of common sense (which is no longer as common as it once was), and put man before the animals, and after God; The perversion of society will continue to drag us into chaos.