Thursday, September 14, 2006

Madness of the World Roundup

Earlier I posted a few examples of evidence that the world has gone mad. Good is treated as evil, evil is treated as good. There was a time when Alice in Wonderland was comical - it has now become a documentary.

So here are a few more things to ponder, even as we pray: "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

In this piece, we read about the latest fad among the well-heeled, male nannies. What kind of a man would let another man bounce his children on his knee? What kind of a woman abdicates her God-given duty and privilege to raise her children in exchange for a man to do it for her (for a paycheck)? How sad and twisted.

And here we are living in a culture of exposed flesh from head to toe (been to the mall recently?). Low-cut blouses are the norm - even at church. But when it comes to using the breasts for the purpose God made them, everyone suddenly becomes a Puritan. My goodness, a nursing mother? For the love of God, make the children cover their eyes!

Here's a similarly silly account of a woman in trouble for changing her baby's diaper in public. Why? Nudity! Of course, it's simply indecent. Besides, we've become a society rife with pedophilia, and we must all redefine our morality and behavior accordingly.

Here's another example of the inversion of good and evil, and the bottomfeeders who prey on this inversion. In response to the media covereage, this lawsuit was subsequently dropped. But why was it ever filed?

If you're still looking for evidence that up is down and 2 + 2 no longer = 4, check out this report of a mother who had been complaining repeatedly about the neighborhood thugs with no result, only to be arrested herself when she let a profanity slip out at them. Can you just imagine?

Another example of how sick the world has become, to the point of being blinded to the irony, check out this article about how a fundraising ball for the purpose of raising money for sick children will "tarnish the image" of Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine (more threats of lawsuits). The mind boggles.

Here's the world famous bio-ethicist Peter Singer explaining how post-natal infanticide is an ethical and moral thing, and will likely become the norm in a few years (no thanks to those stupid Christians who keep refusing to submit to his superior wisdom and morality).

Of course, abortion is not merely a "choice," for convenience's sake. No, there's so much more to be gained, like harvesting their parts can be a way to a more youthful looking body.

Interestingly, here's a related story about folks in India pleading with people not to abort all their baby girls in favor of boys. Which side is a faithful feminist to take? Do we side with the pro-life crowd, or the pro-female murder crowd? What a dilemma!

So, what sorts of things does this Rabbit Hole culture find to be criminal behavior (since even infanticide, not to mention harvesting aborted fetuses for the sake of a few less lines in the face don't make the cut any more)? Well, how about the sign of the cross, or Christmas trees? Could this assault on the Church and Christian symbols be related to the rise in popularity of Paganism? Hmmm.

So, what is the Church's response to a secular world gone mad? To remain faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to act as balm to a world in need of redemption, a breathe of fresh air in the stifling fumes of modernity? Of course not. Rather the answer is to join right in with the madness. Of course. Hence, we have Wrestling For Jesus, the nightclub church, and the church of laughter.


But at least there are a few bright spots in the response of the Church. Much to the chagrin of Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski the Roman Catholic bishops in Canada are "taking all the fun out of funerals." And in South Africa, priests are actually being advised against witchcraft.

Imagine that!

Veni Domine Jesu!

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David Clapper said...

From today's NY Times:
"Rewriting ‘Meet the Mets’

"With the Mets headed for the playoffs, their theme song, “Meet the Mets,” will very likely get more than a few plays. A Mets fan, Jill Rosenfeld, attended a recent game and got to thinking about the tune.

"“It’s outdated,” she wrote in an e-mail message, “to say nothing of not being politically correct.

"“The phrase ‘bring your wife’ no longer truly reflects the audience. Many of us ‘wives’ are fans in our own right. Many people now have partners of either sex. People also like to go to the games with their friends.”

"Rosenfeld suggested a change in the lyrics, from “Bring your kiddies, bring your wife/Guaranteed to have the time of your life” to “Bring your kiddies, bring your mate/Guaranteed to have a time that is great.”

"She said that a songwriter could do a better job, but her lyrics sound good to these ears."