Monday, April 16, 2007


I think Pat Buchanan's article about the Don Imus controversy is spot on. Few people have the guts and integrity to stick their necks out and say what needs to be said. Buchanan does. He is providing a much-needed balance and rational perspective to this whole matter.

Personally, I don't like Imus's show, and have only listened to him a couple times in passing. But think of how many comedians and TV programs get laughs through satire or saying ridiculous and insulting things: South Park, the Simpsons, SNL, David Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell, MAD-TV, Howard Stern, Chris Rock, George Carlin, Family Guy, Comedy Central, Jay Leno, Whoopie Goldberg, etc. How many of the "offended" women on the Rutgers basketball team watch or listen to these entertainers and shows, and laugh when another's ox is being gored? How many of the "offendees" are entertained by to misogynistic and vulgar rap "songs" that routinely call black women "hos" and make liberal use of the "n-word"?

How many times are conservatives, Christians, George Bush, Republicans, pro-lifers, Southerners, home-schoolers, white people, etc. routinely lampooned and made the butt of insensitive remarks by the media (and for the record, I'm no fan of the current president, nor am I a Republican)? How many innocent people have been victimized (really victimized, not merely having been called a name by a comedian) by Al Sharpton? Are apologies or monetary reparations forthcoming from "Rev." Sharpton to the victims of the Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacross team hoaxes?

What's more over the top than a shock jock saying something shocking (imagine that!) is a grown woman, a world class athlete, going on Oprah and sniffing that a radio DJ has "stolen [her] dreams." As they say in the Big Apple: "puh-LEASE!"

Just once, one time, before I die, I would love to see a situation like this happen in which the recipient of the remark would simply roll her eyes and chuckle - and then tell the interviewer that she would like to talk about something that matters. Just once. No tears, no Oprah, no quotes from Maya Angelou, no press release from Hillary, no talk about slavery, no hyperbole, no race-hustlers, no outragious blibber-blabber from feminist groups, no use of politically-correct codewords, no calls for firings, no threats of lawsuits and boycotts. Wouldn't it be nice to see someone display real class in such a situation instead of whining and behaving like a toddler, just once?

Remember "Sticks and stones..."? Remember "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it"? Remember when having a spine was considered honorable?

In the end, the Rutgers basketball players will go on to be successful in life - perhaps even millionaires - while the cancer-stricken children Don Imus would have been able to help (many of whom are black) on his ranch will simply have to suffer. I suspect that none of the "victims," nor Oprah, nor Sharpton, nor Jackson, nor the cowardly Les Moonves (Imus' former boss at CBS) will be lifting a finger to help them.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will continue to get richer and will try to bully even more people. Politicians will continue to exploit this and related issues - continuing to divide (and conquer) our people. Free speech will be further chilled. The hypocritical double-standard will go on, and race relations will further degenerate as whites will further resent (even if only in secret) being bullied by mega-rich race-hustlers and "professional victims."

In the words of Louis Armstrong: "What a wonderful world!"


Steven G. said...

I certainly agree. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek? Why don't the "Rev's" Sharpton and Jackson extend to Imus the same word that Christ offered to the woman caught in adultery. (Oh that's right, we have turned that parable into a parable of social justice instead of Christ forgiving the unforgivable.)

Peter said...

Well written. And, I might add, an interesting juxtaposition with your blog on civility.

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