Monday, April 02, 2007

"Insanity" according to a homosexual pastor

The following article is an interesting look at how a gay Anglican priest views the Gospel of the atonement of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. His is an increasingly prevalent way of interpreting Scripture in order to make the reader the master and the text the servant. This was foretold by traditionalists a generation ago when they opposed women's ordination - and their much-ridiculed prediction has come true.

He believes the idea that Jesus died as payment for sins is "insane." He has some other opinion of why Jesus died - a much more politically-correct and malleable explanation - one that avoids the issue of sin all together. The fact that the Old Testament is replete with sacrificial prophecies and types of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, that the New Testament epistles overwhelmingly speak of the reason for the crucifixion, and the gospels themselves contain this kind of theology of ransom and atonement - make no difference to this cleric.

The fact that the Christian Church has proclaimed the forgiveness of sins by virtue of Jesus' death on the cross for 2,000 years means nothing to him. He claims to be right where age upon age of church fathers are wrong. The Nicene Creed and the proclamation of the liturgy embraced by Anglican Christians (both recitations of Scripture) hold no sway with this shepherd of souls.

Scripture and the tradition of the church are considered "insane" - and yet two men pathetically using body parts for things they obviously weren't designed to be used for is somehow "sane"? This shows the depths of denial into which people can sink who reject not only Scripture and churchly tradition, but even natural law and common sense. They are so deluded as to call good evil, and evil good. It has gotten to the point where they can look at "2 + 2" and see "5".

Our sinful flesh is such that it's easier to deny the clear truth of the written word and to declare obvious deviance to be the norm than it is to submit to a higher authority (even biological reality itself) and to repent of sin.


Pastor Brett Cornelius said...

Larry, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Check out this link from an ELDONA pastor in California.
Sadly, I think he is saying essentially the same thing as the Anglican homosexual.

Father Hollywood said...

Hi Brett:

That might be, but I doubt that the ELDONA guy has anything anywhere near the *fabulous* vestments as the Anglo guy, not to mention his Judy Garland collection...

Did I type that out loud?