Monday, August 06, 2007

No reincarnation without government permission

No, this article is not from The Onion. The first line may be the funniest sentence in serious journalism that I've read in a long time: "Tibet’s living Buddhas have been banned from reincarnation without permission from China’s atheist leaders."

Will there be a form to fill out? A reincarnation license? Will there be an army of bureaucrats to oversee the Party's administration of legalized reincarnation? Can someone potentially be jailed for reincarnation without proper licensure and authorization?

And (I just have to ask) what happens if illegal reincarnation is punishable by the death penalty?

The mind simply boggles.

In related news, Chairman Mao apparently has been reincarnated as Mickey Mao. No word yet if the Little Red Book is going to be reissued as an animated musical. What Would Mulan(tm) Do?


Lawrence said...

How is this any different that here in the U.S. where I'm instructed by the polliticaly correct that it is okay for me to be an orthodox Christian as long as I practice my religion only in private?

Fr Watson SSP said...

The only thing Mao (who made Hitler look like a Sunday School teacher) can ever possibly be re-incarnated as is another coal/ember to keep the fires of Hades burning his damned body.
And I pray for the conversion of all China to the Catholic faith.
Deo Vindice,
Fr Watson SSP

generalscuttlebutt said...


You and I need to bend the elbow some time. I know a great chink place where we can have a Mai Tai and talk trash about the ChiComs with the owner. He hates the reds more than I do - and I'm not talking about the ones in Cincinnati either.

I'm still waiting for someone to pull the plug on the clear fridge coffin the Russians have got Stalin in. I figure if you need to keep the corpse from rotting by using gadgets from General Electric, you're no real commie anyway. Uncle Joe is movin' kinda slow at the junction...

Oh well, at least nature has been allowed to take its course and Mao's body has long since assumed room temperature. I got a special mojito cooling off in the freezer for when Fidel's finally pushing up cohibas.

I know we're supposed to pray for our enemies. I pray every day for Castro. As far as what I say in those prayers, well, that's between me and God - who will sort them all out.

Anyway, Watson, keep up the good work. And tell Beane to get a hair cut.