Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Right-Thinking Articulate Young Woman

Most blogs really aren't worth reading (for most people, this would include mine!). But every now and then, you find a gem along the way, something that edifies mind and spirit, something that not only encourages thought and provokes discussion, but something anchored by the divine order of creation and rooted in Christianity.

It's always a shot in the arm to run across a right-thinking and articulate person's blog. It is especially hopeful when the blogger is a young person - since the generic "youth culture" is so antithetical to the traditionalist Christian culture, hostile to family, bereft of beauty, and indifferent to the intellect. You've got to respect the courage and integrity of young people who are willing to swim upstream, defend the Christian faith and life, protect the weak, support the family, and uphold that which is honorable and true.

It is especially poignant when the young right-thinking young Christian blogger is a woman. For she not only has to contend with the "youth culture" but also the assaults and crafts of feminism to boot.

I recommend Anna's Musings About Home, Family Life and Womanhood for your edification.

Who wouldn't want a daughter like Anna?

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