Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Sons of Confederate Veterans Member

I've been meaning to post this article about a fellow SCV member, Nelson Winbush, for some time. The tone of the article is better than most - though it is, not surprisingly, snarky and condescending in places.

I've had the honor of meeting Mr. Winbush at a couple of SCV reunions. His story is not all that unusual, though most Americans of every nationality have long since forgotten their own family's history (how many people of any race can tell you what their ancestors were doing in the 1860s?). Lacking a sense of connection to history or any obligation to those who came before us, most Americans have just decided to "move on" - with much of the past being forgotten or even rewritten by revisionists and those with a political agenda. Instead of being personally involved with American history, it has become a boring and disconnected school subject or a politically-charged source of one-liners to be used and abused by "activists" with their hands in the public treasury.

But American history is our history. It is about our ancestors and their struggles - their defeats, their victories, and their true to life stories.

Nelson Winbush is a square peg who refuses to be pounded into a round hole - not by white supremacists, not by black race hustlers, not by grant-hungry conformist academicians, and not by the Orwellian keepers of History. He loves his family, is a keeper of tradition, has integrity about the truth, and is a patriot.

Good for him! We need more Americans like him. Deo vindice.

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Rosko said...

Know you of anyone who can help me find some connection that might make me eligible for the SCV? My attempts are as of yet in vain.