Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Now she's the "song leader"...

It looks like the Texas District must be getting a little negative feedback. The website of the youth gathering has been changed.

The LCMS pastor has been bumped to top billing, and Pastor Jobe's official Texas LCMS title has been changed from "Lead Worshiper" to "Song Leader." She also fell two slots in this "bull market."

Lord have mercy, I don't know what's more fun to watch: Louisiana secular politics or the ecclesiastical version of our neighbors to the West. Great show!


Anonymous Lutheran said...

If I had to judge solely from his little quote on the website, I would have a hard time deciding whether this LCMS pastor is really any better.

"I am broken and struggle.
I am in love with 5 girls, my wife and four daughters.
I am committed to prayer, the lost, and the poor."

Um, hello? Could we get some Gospel here?

Maybe I'm being unfair. It's just one little quote, after all.

Preachrboy said...

To me this just shows how they don't really get it.

The problem isn't so much the wording - it's the fact that we are (or they are) feeding Lutheran youth a diet of non-Lutheran pop-evangelicalism.

I mean, listen to her YouTube testimoney - does she, at any time, sound anything like a Lutheran? It's like she's speaking an entirely different language of Evangelical buzzwords.

Call her whatever you want. The real question is this: Why her and Fred Lynch instead of some of our fine Lutheran musicians or speakers?

+ Robert Wurst said...

It's just PR. Every company does it when some little stink happens . . .

They just re-frosted the cake.

You'll still get sick eating it.

Anonymous said...

I take comfort in that even in this confessional-forsaken place, there is hope: Sola 2009, the Higher Things Conference, is coming to Texas next July.

Rev. Matthew Thompson said...

If Pastor Kobe is now only going to be a "Song Leader", they should probably let her know. According to her Myspace Calendar, she's still planning on "Leading Worship" at the gathering.


Father Hollywood said...

Dear Matthew:

Isn't that interesting. The "pastor from Oregon" is almost an afterthought. And notice what word is nowhere to be found (Lutheran).

I think maybe we are the LCSS: The Lutheran Church - Stupid Synod.

I can tell you there would never be any chance in Hades that Pastor Kari Jobe's church would ever invite a Lutheran pastor to lead their worship and sing hymns from our tradition that proclaim the Gospel through Word and Sacrament, and how through these incarnational mysteries we attain a true intimacy and communion with the Father, Son, and Spirit by forgiveness, life, and salvation.

But we will routinely undermine our own beautiful and glorious evangelical confession with this utter crap - and then wonder why everyone's leaving.

I find the older I get, the more I relate to the character "Mr. Hand" from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I want to call up the International Center, the Synodical Prez, and every DP and pencil-pushing bureaucrat in the LCMS and ask them: "Are you people all on dope?" Of course, with half the population popping pills for everything from heartburn, depression, ADD, and ED - maybe the answer is "yes."

I think we could use a new LCMS rosary with five decades of beads. On each one, pray: "Veni, Domine Jesu! (Come, Lord Jesus!)."

It can't come soon enough.