Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Revolutionary Women

When it comes to being counter-cultural, these three ladies makeTimothy Leary look like Richard Nixon. By contrast, check out the stories in the right side-bar of the Daily Mail.

Madonna is just so establishment (yawn).


Thursday's Child said...

That is certainly...interesting. I do admit I love to watch the old shows (or at least shows that show life from those eras and think I would have preferred to live back then, but I'd have to have my food processor. (DH would never get Lebanese food without it.;) ) And what would I do without the internet?

Father Hollywood said...

Don't forget air conditioning! What people did without for millennia is today a "necessity." It is for me, anyway. ;-)

Friend of the Predigtamt said...

The wives reminded me of an real life all-female group of similarly-minded women, called the Aristasians. They regarded the 60s as the Eclipse of civilization. They set up a parallel worlds (virtual and physical) in which the only gender are blonde and brunette, but that is an entire story to tell...

Dulce Domum said...

Hi Father H!
I'm a first time commenter here and I think I understand these women quite differently to some of your other commenters. That is to say, aren't they just old fashioned girls, in old-fashioned marriages, with old fashioned ideas on modesty who feel a little out of step with the current cultural climate? That is to say, it is easier to be an out and out re-enactor than be a modern woman who holds these values. It's easier and more acceptable to say "oh, I live this way because I love old movies and pencil skirts" than say "my values are different to those of the majority".

I'm an old-fashioned girl, in an old-fashioned marriage (yes, I do bake for my husband, hey, I even wash and iron his shirts!)but I tend to keep quiet about my values when talking to other womenfolk, lest they (quite literally) laugh out loud or think I am some kind of downtrodden mouse. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the love of "vintage" may be a smokescreen for saying "I have traditional values".

PS. Like the girls in the article, I'm from the UK.

PPS. I liked your post on Quadrephenia too.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Dulce:

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting!

I appreciate your remarks. I think you're right. The sort-of hobbyist approach, it seems to me, is a tongue-in-cheek way to express disagreement with the culture.

I can honestly say that in my experience wives in traditional Christian homes are the farthest thing from being the stereotypical doormat for their husbands. Though they maintain decorum and don't try to "wear the pants" in the family, they are held in such high esteem by their husbands that their input is valued.

The dominant cultural paradigm is so utterly opposed to the traditional model, that one basically has to "culturally secede" to live the traditional way. The dominant society that touts "tolerance" is utterly intolerant of a stay at home wife who serves her husband.

Thanks again for weighing in from the U.K. How cool is that? The internet has made a lot of interesting dialogue possible. And be sure not to get caught up in the middle of the mods and rockers if you decide to spend a bank holiday in Brighton! ;-)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Friend of the Predigamt:

That sounds a little too "second life-ish" to me!