Saturday, March 21, 2009

He needs no teleprompter

This is how a guy speaks who knows what he is talking about. Schiff doesn't even use notes. Somehow, he even finds a way to make economics engaging, and can even inject humor into something as gloomy as the economic future of America.

And, he doesn't have to insult retarded people to do it.

Watch this video. You'll be surprised at how the time flies, and how much Schiff makes sense. He is the anti-Obama.


Greg said...

I think he uses notes - he once gets lost and asks the audience where he was, and seems to be referring to notes to find his way again. Having said that - I can watch him all day.

When I see Obama speaking, it takes me about 3 minutes to get fed up. I don't understand all this talk of him being a great speaker, it doesn't click for me.

I'm sure you have seen the YouTube video of Obama with the malfunctioning TelePrompTer? The words "babbling idiot" come to mind, but of course I wouldn't say that about our president. So, maybe "he gets a little confused" will do.

WM Cwirla said...

He uses outline notes, not manuscript (Scaer style). Watch the eyes. He also says "you know" a lot, a tell-tale sign that he's improving off of outline notes.

Solid content, though he's preaching to the choir here.

Father Hollywood said...

Schiff might be using notes here - you both make good points. When I saw him speaking in New Orleans, he didn't. He was winging it as Scaer would say "Iowa style." He spoke off the cuff for about an hour and a half before my toddler time limit was up and I had to leave. And yet, he never stammered or seemed over his head. In fact, it seems like his brain is always going at 100 mph and the chore for him is to slow it down to allow his mouth to catch up.

He is adept at using examples and in "concretizing" - something one has to do when talking about economics. I was quite impressed.

Also, if you see Schiff on the news programs, he is always on point and never has that Obama glazed-over deer-in-the-headlights look. The guy's prepared, articulate, and quick on his feet. Most of all, he knows his subject matter inside and out. I'm afraid the POTUS doesn't. It's obvious he's like an algebra student who walked into a calculus class.

I used to think Obama was at least intelligent. I no longer think so. It's obvious an ivy league education isn't what it used to be.

If the man had any integrity, he'd resign and let the grown-ups run the country.

WM Cwirla said...

"It's obvious an ivy league education isn't what it used to be."

An ivy league education is certainly no measure of intelligence. Bush went Yale (BS 1968) and Harvard (MBA 1975).

Schiff is certainly quick on his feet and apparently quite on target, economically speaking, though some question his investment strategy. He nailed the recession, though. He does speak on a rather limited and narrow bandwidth in his general sweet spot, so one would hope that he could wing it. Just as I hope any reasonably experienced pastor could "wing" a Bible class or sermon, if necessary.

Anonymous said...


You've got me beat by about three minutes.

I can't stand the sight of the guy (President).

Lord forgive me.

Pastor Bakker said...

Finally got around to watching this today - who cares if the guy uses notes? This was a great presentation, even if he was among like-minded individuals. President Obama speaks to like minded folks all the time. The back of his teleprompter (TOTUS - I love it!) probably has an 'applause' and 'laughter' prompter for his 'studio' audience - the American voters.

Schiff's the guy making sense of the whole situation, from understanding the poor decisions and weak foundation that led us here, to understanding how the current strategy worsens the problem quickly and only prolongs any recovery. Repayment and saving will make America strong, not more spending.