Monday, March 23, 2009

A post at Four and Twenty Blackbirds

I decided to post some observations on the emergent/emerging church and its criticism of traditionalism here over at Four and Twenty Blackbirds.

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Frank Gillespie said...

Great post. The emergent folks I’ve run across seem to closer to Wittenberg in form on insofar as they appear more reverent than the mega box church in worship. But as you rightly point out, they have precious little to say about Jesus and more often than not resort to spiritual navel gazing. I know some that have fallen for this stuff more as a reaction to the church growth movement with its self help focus. Sometimes the enemy of our enemy is still our enemy.
I’ll give the emergents credit for wanting to get back to a real church, but they still miss the target in their running away from CGM. It’d be nice if they would slow down or stop for Jesus on their way to the coffee house.