Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are these parents thinking?

Stacy McDonald has a disturbing report here regarding the loss of innocence among pre-teen girls - not only with the lucrative encouragement of corporate America, but also with the blessing of their own parents. This sexual exploitation of children was the predictable result of feminism replacing Christianity as the dominant worldview in our culture - as certain as day follows night.

One can only hope the pendulum will soon swing back the other way before yet more children are psychologically and spiritually damaged by this unbelievable lack of judgment and common sense by immature parents who are more concerned with being "cool" than being godly protectors of children and loving mothers and fathers.

Hopefully, these young kids will grow up and prove to be better mothers than their own "absentee landlords."

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Sue said...

It's so sad - what can you say, really? Parents who allow that are so clueless. Even worse are the "baby" beauty pageants - the ones for little girls, such as shown on TV on "Toddlers and Tiaras". I'm surprised someone doesn't go after that show for child pornography. It's certainly child abuse, to my way of thinking. I can't even stand to see the commercials for the program and have to switch channels or at least look away. I have sons (now grown), so I don't know the subject from the parents of girls viewpoint, but it's sure not any good for our boys, either. Thanks for posting this, and the link as well.