Saturday, June 05, 2010


A word to the wise...


gnesio-lutheran said...

Fifty years ago you could go to McDonalds and get a three course meal- hamburger, fries, and shake- for 45 cents. That was four and a half silver dimes. Today those 4.5 silver dimes are worth about six dollars. The 1960 dollar bill that would have bought TWO of those meals (WITH 10 cents in change) would not even buy you the fries anymore. Gasoline was a quarter a gallon. Those four and a half dimes will buy two gallons of gasoline. Silver is real money. It has held its value for 2,000 years now. Every single paper currency on earth has become worthless.

Got silver?

Daniel said...

Great link! For anyone interested there is a blog for those who hoard or track precious metals:

mollo said...

Even if we stil used gold certificates, couldn't the government still go bonkers and print lots of money, ruinging the gold certificates' value too?

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Mollo:

Essentially, that's what they did - though they changed the law first. If we had the law on our side, government officials who debased the currency would have gone to prison for life - like Bernie Madoff.

Why is Bernie Madoff serving a 150 year prison sentence for *doing exactly the same thing* that the federal government does?

It's equally crooked, though the federal government doesn't lure greedy investors, but rather compels us into its various pyramid schemes and con games.

The laws need changed and people who break those laws need to go to prison. Otherwise, they can do whatever they want to us. And that's called tyranny.

We are supposed to be a government of law.

Great point!