Monday, June 21, 2010

When Pastors are Posers

Here is an oldie.

The "youth pastor" is obviously not a very experienced rider. I recall seeing a video of a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod pastor (actually, a classmate of mine) with an immaculate Harley up on the "stage" with him as he was decked out in (equally immaculate) leathers pretending that he actually knew something about a two-wheeled vehicle with more horsepower than a moped.

Gads, how embarrassing!

Instead of being a poser, how about being a pastor? There's nothing wrong with a pastor riding a bike. But there is something wrong with a pastor pretending to ride a bike so as to pretend to be cool in an effort to "market" himself. People can spot such phoniness a mile away - especially when you wreck the bike at the "altar."

And unless you think it's proper to ride a motorcycle in an alb and chasuble, it's really best to leave the leathers in the sacristy and the bike outside.

Authenticity matters.

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