Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Courageous Mothers

Patricia Beane (Dec 27, 1945 - Dec 23, 1994), my mother

Here is a beautiful tribute to mothers and motherhood from Ladies Against Feminism.

This is a fitting time to ponder the heroism of our mothers and grandmothers, as this is the season in which we meditate upon the mystery of the Holy Incarnation, the fact that our God who took upon Himself human flesh came into this world by way of His mother.  She not only conceived Jesus in her womb, she carried Him in her body, gave birth to Him, nourished Him, protected Him, and raised Him to manhood.  She endured ridicule and scorn - even fleeing to Egypt in the face of persecution.  Thirty years later, she stood by Him heroically at the cross, and was ever the Lord's handmaiden, called "blessed" by all generations.

In times of struggle, want, and need, mothers have risen courageously again and again to care for their families - even in the most horrific conditions.  We have seen it even in America in times of warfare and economic depression.  Every family has unsung matriarchs who sacrificed their own well-being for the sake of their God-given children, even as did the Blessed Virgin Mary, and such stories continue to this day. 

We see such love reflected in all mothers who likewise heroically care and nurture their children, most often with no fanfare, and even amid ridicule and the scorn of the world.  How our culture despises femininity and motherhood!  How our culture values materialism and prestige instead!

But there is nothing in this material world, no amount of money, no title or status symbol, that can buy a single minute of a mother's love.

Mamie Hustead (1900-1983), my great -grandmother, with myself and my younger brother, Christmas morning, circa 1975.

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I think feminism is another example where the the world touts freedom and gives only slavery. Feminism moved beyond the idea that a woman "could" do things beyond the house and instead began to vilify those who "only" were home-makers. The lure of freedom was the hook of slavery to the rat race.