Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Kantorei Trifecta

Thanks to the Rev. Aaron Kangas (former Kantorei member and soloist) for posting these on YouTube.  They are slideshows accompanied by music by the Concordia Theological Seminary Kantorei, a 16-man, 4-part choir comprised of seminarians studying to go into the Office of the Holy Ministry at CTS - Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Kantorei typically goes out on two tours each year. Next month, they will be touring throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

I had the honor to sing with the Kantorei under the direction of the legendary Rev. Kantor Richard Resch for two years (2001-2003), and here are some pictures from our tour to Seattle in 2002-3.  As you can see, we had a lot of fun on tour.  We traveled by plane and by bus, sang in church services, and stayed in the homes of parishioners from every walk of life. We also sang in chapel services at the seminary throughout the year.  We recorded several tracks for the "My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord" CD in the chapel.  Even the 7:00 am rehearsals were exhilarating and awe-inspiring to be a part of - even for a non-morning person like myself.

Although it was not easy (and perhaps maybe because it wasn't), singing with the Kantorei was one of the most memorable and satisfying things that I have ever been able to do in this life. 

 I'm looking forward to more Kantorei being posted on YouTube.  I have an old grainy VHS copy of the Kantorei when I was a member singing from the balcony of Kramer Chapel.  Maybe I can transfer it to a video format and post it one of these days.


Ewe said...

I'm not sure the tour is to Florida. We are planning on going to Sioux Falls in January to hear them.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Ewe:

Thank you very much for the correction! I was looking at 2010 instead of 2011. I corrected the post, and there is a link to the correct schedule.

Thanks again, and I hope the service will be a great blessing to you!

Theophilus said...

Thanks for putting the excerpts from TE DEUM on your web site. Well done!

Advent Blessings!