Friday, January 07, 2011

Lady Godiva

One of the more interesting stories in history is that of Lady Godiva.

Her account, though shrouded by legend, is actually at its heart, a true story involving a tax protest, persecuted Christians, God's grace, conversion, and of course, a naked ride through town by a bold long-haired eleventh-century noblewoman.  You just can't make up stuff like that!

The part about Peeping Tom seems to be a myth added much later.

St. Paul makes reference to a woman's hair being symbolic of her modesty, a "covering."  When it is grown out, a lady's hair can actually be a "covering."  For example, Mrs. Hollywood could certainly walk around in public (not to mention ride a horse) without a stitch of clothing on and not break any decency laws - at least with a strategic arrangement of the mane.

I would not advise her to do it, especially since she gets a chill very easily - even here in South Louisiana.  But one thing that both of us can support is a good old old-fashioned tax protest.

And then there is the chocolate...
Mrs. H. a few months ago when her hair was shorter...

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