Friday, January 28, 2011

Revolution in Real Time

Follow the extraordinary events in Egypt live on Al Jazeera English.

Even Christians and Muslims are working together against tyranny, to which this remarkable incident of three weeks ago bears witness.We're also seeing how the Internet is no friend of repressive regimes, and even though the government has disabled the Internet and cell phones, Egyptians have found a way to access Twitter through land-line telephones.  The world continues to see what is going on! 

Pray for peace and freedom in Egypt!


Steve said...

Between Egypt, the Peter Schiff video, and what the DADT is going to do to the military I wonder where we'll all be in 6 months. This downward spiral really seems to be speeding up.


Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

I fear what will take Mubarak's place. Egypt could easily become an Isalmic Theocracy. Memories of Iran in the late 70s come vividly to mind.

Paul said...

Pray the the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't get the upper hand. Their vision of a world-wide caliphate should sober and alarm all freedom loving people.

Father Hollywood said...

Anything can happen, of course.

But 2011 Egypt and 1978 Iran are very different culturally and historically.

Also, with the Internet, facebook, and Twitter - it is a whole different world.

The United States created the 1978 Iranian revolution in 1953. Iran was on a much different trajectory until the US became involved. Hopefully, we are seeing a shift in American foreign policy where we stop installing and propping up puppet dictatorial regimes. The long-term blowback dwarfs any short-term advantage.

Also, no matter who is pushing the propaganda, the flow of information is getting harder and harder to control.

The best way to dilute radical power is to decentralize and dilute governmental authority. A powerful state might be pro-American one week, and radical Islam the next week. Small government - whether here or there - is always in the best interest of freedom overall.

And thanks be to God for the Southern Sudanese secession vote! A victory not only for decentralization and home rule, but also for freedom and Christianity as well!

Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

Reports from Egypt these past few days continue to concern me. I see the Islamic Republic of Egypt emerging. I don't share your optimism, Larry. This is not going to end well.

Theophilus said...

Thanks for the link to "Al Jazeera English Live." Watching the action live has been very interesting.

It has been interesting also to watch President Obama who seems to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Also, VP Biden seems confused. He does not believe that the Egyptian President is a dictator.

The best policy is that advocated by our founding fathers: Keep out of foreign affairs!