Monday, August 22, 2011

My Siberian Adventure - Day 10 - July 6, 2011

Begin: On the train toward Novosibirsk
Visit: Novosibirsk

It was a nice relaxing ride from Shira to Novosibirsk.  It was an overnight trip.  I wake up in the morning to the rocking of the train.

Father Alexey bought us breakfast in the dining car.  It is attractive with red trim, tablecloths, and fine silverware.  The menu is bilingual (Russian and English).  I had some sausages with mustard and a (real) coffee.  We also had pancakes (blini) and I ordered the cherry-filled one.  They are basically the same thing as crepes.  They are as good as they look!

After breakfast, we took it easy in the sleeper car for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at Novosibirsk in the afternoon.  It is rainy and chilly.  Father Andrei picked us up and we decided to have some American food.  We have a choice between burgers at Carl's Junior (which is ironic because we don't have Carl's or its sister franchise Hardee's, in Louisiana) or pizza at a place called Capriccio's.  We settle on the latter option, and aside from the Russian language, it could easily be mistaken for a college hangout in Kent, Ohio.  The menu is huge - like a book.  It is also all in Russian.

We order three pizzas - including one that has salmon.  They are all outstanding!  They are baked in a brick oven, and could compete with any pizza shop in the States.  They also have beer.  I have an Amadeus lager and Father Dan opts for a dark beer.  As our Russian brethren are our drivers, they stick with coffee and orange juice.  We enjoy our meal and fraternal conversation and take a few pictures.

We get back, get caught up on our computers, and do laundry.

Father Pavel (Khramov) - whose office I am occupying - takes us for a walk to the local grocery store.  I buy batteries, some tea, and a Coke.  Dan buys some cheese, milk, and cereal.

We return, hang out with the bishop for a while, and call it an evening.

Here is a link to all of my pictures from Day Ten.

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