Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One of Many Ways to Learn

One of the nice things about home school is the flexibility - regarding both time and curriculum.  It's 7:30 pm, and we're doing Greek, Latin, and Catechism while eating ice cream, cracking jokes, and shooting video.  It is our second day of first grade, and Leo is loving it!  We get lots of quality time together as a family (he and I walked to the store this evening hand-in-hand singing the Greek alphabet).  We have a lot of field trips to Bayou Segnette planned - things like bird watching, looking for frogs, and canoeing.  And even in the "classroom" he doesn't have to sit still (I have no doubt that his incessant wiggling would be driving a classroom teacher insane after 20 minutes - not to mention the other kids).

I'm really impressed with Song School Latin and Song School Greek by Classical Academic Press.  The songs on the CD are simple and yet catchy and pedagogically effective.  Similarly, I'm using CPH's "Sing the Faith," which is the Small Catechism set to music especially suited to children.

Mrs. H. is doing the heavy lifting during the day, teaching Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Science, History, and Geography.  Leo and Grace are also learning piano together.  Music Appreciation and French are around the corner.  And anything Mrs. H. and I happen to be studying gets into his system as well.


Daniel Baker said...

Truly impressive. Learning Greek and Latin in 1st Grade - I wish I had received a similar education! I'd have more time to devote to other studies; trying to self-learn Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and German while simultaneously completing fully loaded college semesters can be rather time consuming and leaves little room for other reading (namely, theology!).

May God continue to bless you and your wife as you strive to rear your children by His grace and for His glory.

Terry Maher said...

Well hell, forget ice cream, if he's learning Greek you should go to the gyro joint singing the Greek alphabet for some baklava! The only thing I know to say when I get to mine is Yasu. And that's because the Jewish jeweller I worked for had a Greek corporate director of stores from New York.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

but...but... don't you need the State to do this all for you? How can you be excepted to be responsible for your own child?


That was sarcasm, for anyone who didn't know.

I may be coming to you for some advice in the years to come on this matter.

rogue evolent said...

I am so happy for Leonidas!
If he was to "wiggle" too much in the guv'mint skewl they'd want you to shoot him up with ritalin.
Deo Vindice,

HappyFox said...

Our two-yr old and four-year old girls can't get enough of this video. I came back to this post to get the name of the curriculum and had to play it for them several times before I was able to distract them with something else. :)