Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Heroic Christian Pastor in Iran Faces Execution

More Christians face persecution around the world than in the days of the Roman Empire.

Worldwide news reports (such as this article in International Business Times that was linked to the Drudge Report) are carrying the latest about the Rev. Youcef Nadarkhani - a Christian pastor in Iran.  He and his wife were both arrested for the faith.  His wife managed to secure an overturning of her life sentence.  Youcef's initial verdict was also overturned, but he was re-tried and given a death sentence that is reportedly expected to be carried out by Friday.  There is an entry on him in Wikipedia as well.

He could be the first Christian martyr in Iran in twenty years.  There is a large outcry from all over the world, even as Christian prayers for this hero of the faith rise to the heavens like incense.

You can read more about this heroic Christian pastor and his faithful wife here in this prisoner alert from Voice of the Martyrs.

Please keep our dear brother in Christ, his family, his parishioners, and all of our persecuted brethren around the world in your prayers!  Let us pray that his captors repent and find their true life in Christ, show mercy to our brother, and please God by stopping the persecutions.

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