Thursday, September 15, 2011

Need a Vulgate?

Just in case any FH readers need a Vulgate (Clementine Edition) in pdf form, your wait is over! Here it is.  And here is the same text in two column format that saves a lot of pages.  And here is a link to have it professionally printed and shipped to you.

This is courtesy of Michael Tweedale and the fine folks at Vulsearch, which has links to many helpful tools (all free!) and formats to read the Holy Bible in Latin.


Past Elder said...

Very impressive. Have you seen the Nova Vulgata? I haven't, and have no interest in getting it, but I have read some things about it by comparison to earlier Vulgates.

rogue evolent said...

This looks like something Latif would use, no? Which of course means it's a "must buy!" :)