Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Endangered Species: A Politician with Integrity

I'm not a big fan of politicians.  But Nigel Farage is a glorious exception.  He is a man of courage and integrity.  Not only is he fearless about speaking truth to power, he's fun to watch.  You can see his opponents cringe when his name is called.  And while he speaks, you can watch them contort their faces, gesticulate, wag their heads, and shift uncomfortably from cheek to cheek.  I make it a point to watch any newly uploaded YouTube videos of Nigel Farage speaking in the European Parliament.

Mr. Farage (as part of a larger home-rule movement called "Euroskepticism") has repeatedly argued that the European Union is nothing more than an un-elected bureaucratic superstate designed to rob member states of their sovereignty and freedom.  Member nations are repeatedly denied referendums - and when they do vote "no," the euro-crats use deceptive end-runs to achieve their goals anyway.  And unlike most politicians who are concerned with keeping their jobs, Farage doesn't just look the other way and play along.  Nigel Farage is quick to remind Europe of its history of tyranny, and does not shy from even pointing out the bloody careers of some who sit in the European Parliament.

Now we are seeing the collapse of the euro - hardly a surprise as Socialism is always a failure - be it Soviet Socialism, National Socialism, or Bureaucratic Socialism (which has a perfect two-letter abbreviation).  And Nigel Farage is there to call a spade a spade.

Watch and be amazed.

Update: Here is the proof that Nigel Farage is right!  You can judge for yourself what to think of the euro-crats and their plans to form a political union without the consent of the member states.  For some reason, this just sounds like a bad idea to me, and yes, I'm definitely whistling Dixie here!

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