Friday, November 11, 2011

Father H. on Issues, Etc.

I had the great pleasure to be on the world's greatest Christian radio program, Issues, Etc. yesterday (November 10, 2011) in a pastor's roundtable with the Revs. Todd Wilken (host of the program and assistant pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Millstadt, Illinois) and Brian Holle (pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church, Lebanon, Illinois) on the topic of the upcoming Gospel text according to the historic one-year series for Trinity 21: John 4:46-54 ("Jesus Heals the Official's Son").

Here is the link where you can listen.

This is my second time on Issues, Etc.  I was interviewed on May 11 of this year on the topic of the Augsburg Confession.  You can listen here.  I really enjoyed the great discussions with fellow panelists and with callers who asked challenging and intelligent questions and who made outstanding contributions to the conversations.  That is the rule rather than the exception at Issues, Etc.!

If you're not familiar with Issues, Etc., it is an eclectic and informative talk radio program run by confessional Missouri Synod Lutherans (under the auspices of "Lutheran Public Radio") and presented from that perspective - and yet includes guests who run the gamut from every point of view.  Pastor Wilken treats his guests with respect and yet balances this with his own steadfast confession.  Issues, Etc. is especially a treat if you are a Lutheran, but you don't have to be to enjoy the "Cross-Centered Christ-Focused" format.  It is definitely a balanced presentation of both a thinking-man's Christianity and a faith rooted in Christ's love in the Gospel.

You can listen live (Monday through Friday, 3:00 - 5:00 pm) here.  And, you can peruse the archives any time here - and note the diversity of guests and topics!  These programs make for great podcasts to listen to on a long commute, while exercising, or for old-fashioned family listening time.  They provide insights not only into the timeless Scriptures but also on the ever-changing face of our culture and how the Christian faith intersects with it.  The program also serves as much-needed theological education and discussion all over the world.

You will definitely find something interesting and uplifting at Issues, Etc.!

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