Monday, January 23, 2012

The Remarkable Dr. Iris Mack

Dr. Iris Mack grew up in a housing project in New Orleans and has a truly remarkable story.

Even without the obstacles she overcame, just looking at her list of accomplishments is extraordinary and inspiring:
  • High school valedictorian
  • Double Bachlor's degrees from Vassar in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
  • MS in Mathematics from UCLA (Research Fellow at Bell Laboratories and holder of a patent in fiber optics)
  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard (only the 2nd black woman to earn this doctorate from Harvard).  Dissertation: "Block Implicit One-Step Methods for Solving Smooth and Discontinuous Systems of Differential/Algebraic Equations: Applications to Transient Stability of Electrical Power Systems"   
  • Executive MBA from the London Business School
  • Investment banker
  • Professor at MIT, University of San Francisco, and Clark Atlanta University
  • NASA astronaut semifinalist
  • Lecturer in London, Paris, and Zurich
  • Whistleblower at Enron
  • Tangled with two former treasury secretaries of the United States (Rubin and Summers)
  • Correctly informed Harvard of the impending disaster facing its endowment because of risky derivatives (they not only didn't listen to her, at the cost of billions of dollars, but also fired her)
  • Founder and CEO of Phat Math - a comprehensive approach to mathematical education
  • Author of Mama Says "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!" (available on Kindle for $2.99 here!) and currently writing Energy Trading and Risk Management as part of a multi-book deal with Wiley Publishing House
  • She is also into serious weight training, running, and amateur aeronautics
  • She currently works as an investment banker in London and speaks Spanish and French
More details here.  Her insights into economics and involvement in political matters can be read here.

And by the way, you may wonder who someone of Dr. Mack's economic insight and real-world experience is endorsing during this presidential election cycle (certainly no tinfoil-hat wearing racist kook, to be sure).  You can read about it here in Dr. Iris Mack's own words.  She believes that he is "the only presidential candidate who understands the current dire straits the economy is in and the only one with a coherent plan to fix things.... the only non-elitist candidate and the only candidate that would put the country back on the road to liberty."  Pretty high praise coming from someone of her caliber!


william said...

We Ron Paul supporters thank Doctor Mack for her strong endorsement of our candidate.

<<<"In endorsing the 12-term Congressman from Texas, Dr. Mack stated: “Ron Paul has some serious credentials: medical doctor, Air Force veteran, and author of several books detailing and predicting various economic issues and crises. As public official for many years, Dr. Paul has an excellent voting record as a fighter for liberty, and on a personal note he is a well-regarded family man.”

Continuing her praise, Dr. Mack cited Dr. Paul’s stance against President Obama’s civil liberties power-grab, saying, “Also, Ron Paul seems to be one of the few elected public servants who has come out against the NDAA Indefinite Detention Law – which Obama signed on New Year’s Eve deliberately when few were watching.”

“Taken together, there isn’t one thing I dislike about Ron Paul,” concluded Dr. Mack.

The campaign reacted to news of Dr. Mack’s endorsement positively.

“Iris Mack knows qualifications when she sees them so people following her work will take her word that Ron Paul is ideally suited to understand our nation’s challenges and provide winning solutions such as those found in his ‘Plan to Restore America.’ We appreciate Dr. Mack’s endorsement and anticipate that it will contribute to the strong showing we plan to in all stages of our 50-state campaign for the Republican nomination,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.">>>

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Maybe this will serve as a sort of antidote to the common misconception that Ron Paul is a nut case. Let us hope.