Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Русские идут! The Russians Are Coming!

And I think it will be even more fun than the movie!

On Friday, January 27, Salem Lutheran Church, Gretna, Louisiana will host three guests from our sister church body in Siberia: the Rev. Vsevolod Lytkin (bishop of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church), the Rev. Dmitri Dotsenko (pastor of St. James Lutheran Church, Novokuznetsk),  Miss Natasha Sheludiakova (church musician of St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Novosibirsk), accompanied by the Rev. Daniel S. Johnson (pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Marshalltown, Iowa and president of the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society).

They will arrive around 5:00 pm for a potluck and will make a presentation at 7:00 pm. 

For more information, please contact me by e-mail: pastorbeane at gmail dot com.


rogue evolent said...

This is wonderful news for you Father Hollywood and for the Saints at Salem. How I wish I could be in attendance myself! The Bishop is an example for Godly church-men everywhere.
Deo Vindice,
p.s. I will greatly miss reading your Siberian diary now that it's concluded.

SKPeterson said...

Are they planning a U.S. tour? It would be great if they could get up the road to Knoxville.

mollo said...

How awesome! Where all are they planning on going?

Father Hollywood said...

Dear SK and mollo - if you shoot me an e-mail at pastorbeane at gmail dot com (does that really fool any spammers?), I'll forward you their itinerary!