Friday, November 09, 2012

Book on War by Marine General

The headquarters of my church body just sent all of the pastors a book.  I was surprised that it's a book about war.  It's a rather long tome, and I have not yet read it.

But related to the topic of warfare, I think the best modern American book on war ever written is this one, and it is a very short work authored by one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of all time, U.S. Marine Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler (2 Medals of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, Distinguished Service Medals from both the Army and the Navy, and the French Order of the Black Star).

General Butler served in the Marines for 33 years, and fought in the Spanish American War, the Boxer Rebellion, five of the "Banana Wars", the Battle of Vera Cruz, and World War I.  He was also the son and grandson of U.S. congressmen.  He knew war from the inside, from the battlefield, from the top echelon of the military, from the political angle, and why it happens.

A fascinating and quick read!  You can buy the book on Amazon for a whopping $2.99, or if free is more your price, go here.


SKPeterson said...

What book did LCMS send out?

Rev. Larry Beane said...

Dear Pr. Peterson,

Here is the link.

I'm not endorsing it, mind you. From what I have skimmed, the author seems to have a different view of government than I do. But hey, if he wants to send out free books, that's his right. I guess decades of Washington lobbying has its advantages.

Doug said...

I think the LCMS brass need to view Why We Fight. For those who really have extra time for study, I recommend Golden Lily, Black Eagle Trust and Project Hammer.

Semper Fidelis ut Verum

USMC (80-86)