Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rejection Fail, Customer Service Win (Super Cool!)

Some Austin, Texas awesomeness!

A comment that I think sums it up:
This employee will succeed where ever she goes. I'd hire her in a heartbeat because she was resourceful, took initiative, and was responsive to the customer. These are traits that can't be "trained." I could tell she really listened to the problem and had a deep understanding of her systems and processes. I would wager that if someone else asked her for it today, she would have a better solution. I bet she thought about a better, more elegant solution all night. So many people would have just said, "No. It's not my job." and then go and complain that they never get promoted and are stuck in a dead-end job. Not her, though. She took ownership of the problem and devised a solution. Great job, girl!
It reminds me of a cashier at a Fort Wayne (Indiana) Meier grocery store, a young pony-tailed Russian immigrant named Igor.  The guy was so good at his job, fast and efficient, such a go-getter, so eager to provide good customer service - I figure he probably owns a few businesses by now and is a millionaire.  It would not surprise me a bit.

Way to go Jackie!  

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Mary Kruta said...

As a small business owner I LOVE this employee! Yup, she gets a raise.