Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anti-Christian Propaganda in Kid's Movies

We enjoyed seeing the children's movie "Turbo" - an unlikely tale of a snail in the Indianapolis 500.  It was a fun movie that did not try to compromise the innocence of childhood.

However, above is the trailer we saw as soon as the lights in the theater full of children dimmed. Within a few seconds of the first preview ("Boxtrolls"), there is a quick, though not-so-subtle swipe at Christian doctrine and traditional morality.

Although it is fun to make an occasional outing to see a film on the big screen, the overtly anti-biblical, anti-Christian sexual propaganda deliberately aimed at our children and increasingly being jammed down our throats - openly attempting to pry our children from our religious tenets - makes the trip to the theater less and less inviting to Christian people.  In their preachy calls for tolerance, the Hollywood elite is increasingly becoming intolerant of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who accept natural law and biological common sense with regard to the ancient human institutions.  The irony is that the message of "Boxtrolls" is supposedly one of openness to all kinds of people, when in reality it is promoting a kind of hatred and marginalization of the world's billions of people who accept traditional marriage as a religious doctrine.

It's getting to the point where we need not only to home-school but also to home-movie.

At least with Netflix, we can opt out of the propaganda.

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