Monday, August 07, 2006

Defensor Fidei

I'm very honored.

My friend Kirk and three of his sons Nathaniel (16), William (14), and Stuart (12) spent a few days with our family here in New Orleans for the 111th annual reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The young Lyonses have given me the honor of being declared "Defender of the Faith" with a caricature made by using HeroMachine 2.0.

A very flattering picture, don't you think? There I am in my cassock with claymore and shield in hand, and my ever-loyal sidekick Vicar at my feet. Of course, in reality, I'm no superhero with a sword, just a poor, miserable sinner armed only with the Holy Gospel, the Holy Sacraments - and Holy Ordination which enables me to use them in the name of Christ for the sake of the Church.

But just the same, I still like the picture. Thank you, Lyons boys! You are also "defenders of the faith" in your own right.



Mike Green said...

Very cool! Not enough grey in the beard, though. ;) <><

Mike Green said...

I should have caught this in my first comment, but, dude, you're on fire for Jesus. ;)

Whey Lay said...

Yes, too cool, they did an excellent job.

Father Hollywood said...

Well, in case certain individuals in positions of "episkope" in our district and synod try to throw me out based on any perceived lack of support for the Ablaze!(tm) Marketing Campaign, er, Program, er, Movement (yeah, that's the ticket), I can always point to my own portrait in which I'm "Ablaze!(tm)."

Rev. K.R. Schaaf said...

Father Beane,
Great rendition of you on fire for the Lord! I'd like to know how one joins SSP. Myself and a few of my laity are interested in joining. Thanks for the help and the great writing.
Father Schaaf

p.s. I have a new blog: and check out the blogs of two of my members