Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

It is Holy Week, and perhaps it's not entirely appropriate to insert humor on the church sign. However, I had to post the schedule for Holy Week, and decided to put the last line on our church sign just long enough to snap a picture (above). Note that this one is real, not one of those made up by the "church sign generator."

However, the really-real church sign for Holy Week is shown below. It looks sharp, thanks to our trustee Ralph, who took it upon himself to re-paint the background of the sign that had faded and chipped and looked terrible. Though hardly anyone knows it, Ralph is here every Saturday, working very hard in the heat of the day to make the Lord's House look beautiful. I'm sure every church has its own Ralph. We're blessed to have ours.

I don't really know why my name is on the church sign. But it was on there before, and I just kept it. Maybe after Holy Week I'll just take it off. I don't know why, but it just seems like the name of the pastor isn't relevant. Then again, if visitors see the sign, they will know what to call me. Of course, I could put "Father Hollywood" on the sign and see how many visitors think it's my real name, or at very least, see who's reading my blog. I could also try to find a way to put "Ablaze!(tm)" on the sign and work it in with a quote from the church fathers. Now there's a challenge - though we don't seem to have a "registered trademark" character, or italics, though we do have an exclamation point in the box.

But enough of that. Let us ponder our Lord's Passion and His Atonement for our sins. A Blessed Holy Week to all.