Monday, July 07, 2008

America's Most Sparkling City

According to Australia's Yellow Tail Wines, America's "most sparkling city" is (lot's of suspense here, folks, considering this is Father Hollywood's blog...)

New Orleans!

The Crescent City had some pretty tough competition, as the top ten also included: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Martha’s Vineyard, South Beach-Miami, New York, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.

Here's the article...

New Orleans deemed 'America's Most Sparkling City'

White Plains, NY, June 23, 2008—[yellow tail] wines announced today that Americans deem New Orleans to be "America's Most Sparkling City." After a national survey narrowed the list of nominees to 10 locations, Americans were asked to vote online for the most animated, brilliant, lively and vivacious city in the United States. The winner proved to be the home of Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, and Jazzfest—as well as a rich volume of American history.

Jacquelyn B. Clarkson, city council member at large, plans to accept the inaugural honor on behalf of the city during an event in New Orleans' iconic Jackson Square on July 1, in conjunction with the Independence Day holiday. Renowned travel guide author and expert, Pauline Frommer, along with a [yellow tail] wines representative, will be on site at Chartres Mall, in front of St. Louis Cathedral, to present the award.

"It's exciting that the American people realize New Orleans has not lost its sparkle," Frommer said. "Although the city has gone through very rough times, the tourist areas are back—and are as exciting and dynamic as ever. It's great that [yellow tail] is honoring this city for its warm culture and unique history. If there ever were a city that truly sparkles, today and forever, it is New Orleans."

The Search for America's Most Sparkling City began in May. The top 10 nominated cities, as determined by a survey of 900 adults ages 21 and older conducted by Greenfield Online, included: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Martha's Vineyard, South Beach-Miami, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Monica. More than half of survey respondents said that what makes a city sparkle is "breathtaking scenery" (61%) and "great night life" (53%). Online voters then had the opportunity through June 15 to select the winner.

"We are pleased to name New Orleans as 'America's Most Sparkling City,'" said Mark Lyle, vice president of marketing for [yellow tail] wines. "A city with so much determination and hospitality is well-deserving of this title, and we look forward to honoring—and toasting—New Orleans."

Following the successful launch of [yellow tail] Sparkling White wine last fall, [yellow tail] introduced a Sparkling Rosé wine in May 2008. The suggested retail price for both is $10.99.


Thursday's Child said...

We visited New Orleans once when I was in college. By the time Dad finished planning the route he wanted to take, we only had time for 1 night there. LOL I really to get back someday.

Rosko said...

Growing up there, I have known this all along. It's too bad I left before I had a chance to experience the night life.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Thurday's:

Come and visit us some time! I would hope any "Father Hollywood" readers who find themselves in the Crescent City would give us a heads-up of your visit. And if you're not averse to tight quarters, a toddler, and five cats - we might even be able to work out accommodations.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Rosko:

I suspect Chicago's nightlife could give Nwahluhns a run for its money!

Rosko said...

Chicago does have a great nightlife, but alas, my heart will always remain in the Big Easy. I learned many things there that will stay with me always. Not to mention the fact that I hope I still have people there I can hang out with if I ever did return for a visit.