Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

...et Joyeuse Fête du Canada!


Mike Green said...

The wife says it's very un-American of you to recognize Canada Day. ;)

Give our regards to Mrs. Hollywood!

Does Mother Church celebrate the Feast of Sts. Bob and Doug McKenzie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_and_Doug_McKenzie) today?

Hoffster said...

I like the part about how to pronounce "z" as "zed". I still can't bring myself to pronounce it "zee". At the end of the video you'll see Molson's use of their ubiquitous "I am. Canadian" slogan. Molson has been using the "I am." slogan for many years and I've always hated it (do you notice that there is a period behind the verb?). It is like they want us to think we are self-existent like the great I AM. Anyway, thanks for recognizing the day Father Hollywood.

Luke said...

Happy Canada Day to Mrs. Hollywood! Raise the maple leaf high.

Great commercial, but where is the Rush music? Give me some Geddy Lee, eh.


Mike Keith said...

It was a happy Canada day! And Happy Fourth of July to you!